Elizabeth Chamberlain recently made use of our production machine to shoot and direct the music video for her cover of “Master Exploder” from Tenacious D! The name of the game here was to create something out of the box and break away a bit from her brand to bring in new viewers, while also giving people something familiar to click on.

We did this music video for Success 5000 back at the beginning of 2017, and it is still one of our favourite projects. It was a really tight turnaround, but because we managed the scope of the production effectively and pre-visualized the video with a storyboard animatic before we shot, we still came in ahead of our deadline.

These three commercials were created for the Edmonton Clown Festival's social media campaign in 2016. We prompted people to send in their #foolmoments, and the best ones were made into these super tight sketches for them to share around and promote the festival.

We partnered up with Mindwave Studios to create this advertisement for Top Gro Agro, who are based in Mallaig, AB! They took care of the edit, and we took care of the shoot. It was a fast turnaround, and we were glad to work with them.

This was the first Cinema Wagon client project. Dan Chomistek came to us with the capitol, a script, and a location. James provided the camera, effects makeup, and props. With a bit of sound gear on loan from the lovely Dave Cruickshank, some joint directing from Dan and James, and a bit of finesse, the final product was released to the world. This went on to help Dan sell some of his scripts to production companies and have them made!